“Food and Agriculture”
Initiatives for the SDGs
At MISATO GREEN BASE, we are working on sustainable agriculture
to achieve the goals of the SDGs.
BUTAI FARM’s unique cultivation system will create a sustainable future
for food, people, and agriculture.
MISATO GREEN BASE is a next-generation plant factory that stably produces delicious lettuce in spring, summer, fall, and winter.
This is the start of a new type of agriculture for a sustainable future, based on a unique cultivation system and advanced technology.
Stable production of
30,000 to 40,000 high-quality, cost-effective lettuce plants per day
What MISATO GREEN BASE has made possible is
This is BUTAI FARM’s original system.
Cultivation method
BUTAI Hybrid Soil Cultivation
Next-generation “soil x hydroponic” cultivation method
Until now, hydroponic cultivation has mainly been done using sponges. The “BUTAI Hybrid Soil Cultivation” has developed “soil blocks using soil. By combining soil cultivation and hydroponics, we can create an environment similar to natural or organic cultivation. The improved rooting makes it possible to produce thicker and tougher vegetables, and also reduces the risk of contamination by foreign substances such as sponges. It also reduces the risk of contamination by sponges and other foreign substances. Soil recycling makes it possible to realize environmentally friendly agriculture.
New Technology to Overcome Challenges of Open-Air Cultivation
With open-air cultivation, there are still concerns about stable supply, and with old-style plant factories, the leaf flesh of vegetables is thin and the price is high.We have solved these problems with our new “BUTAI Hybrid Soil Cultivation” technology. The MISATO GREEN BASE will provide a stable supply of high quality lettuce at reasonable prices throughout the year.
Farming system
BUTAI Moving System
A system that automatically manages everything from seedling growth to cultivation. It achieves production efficiency 80 times higher than that of open field cultivation.
The system automates the entire process from seedling growth to cultivation of lettuce, including robotic planting, liquid fertilization, and management of 11 levels of plant spacing. With the Butai Farm's unique Butai Moving System (BMS), which maximizes the use of land area, the production efficiency is about 80 times higher than that of open field cultivation.
Quality Management
BUTAI Quality Management Systems
Establishing sustainable safety under proper farm management of international standards.
BUTAI FARM Group has obtained GLOBAL.G.A.P. and ASIA-GAP certifications, which are given to companies that practice sustainable production activities, and has several certified J-GAP instructors on staff. MISATO GREEN BASE plans to implement the same level of management and obtain certification.
Sustainable “Food and Agriculture”
Initiatives for the SDGs
At MISATO GREEN BASE, we are working on sustainable agriculture
to achieve the goals of the SDGs.

The carbon dioxide from the factory is reused for growing vegetables.

We have built a system that allows the minimum amount of fertilizer to be circulated within the plant.
Fertilizer components are not discharged into the soil, groundwater, or rivers.

Instead of sponges, soil blocks are used as the medium, which has less environmental impact.
We are trying to eliminate plastic.

Stable supply of reasonably priced vegetables with cutting-edge technology.
We contribute to the eradication of hunger and poverty caused by the global food crisis.

For the sustainable growth of the local community, priority is given to hiring employees from the local community.
We work closely with local farmers and the local government.

We have developed the best environment for photosynthesis, maximizing the use of sunlight.
We are considering using renewable energy for the minimum amount of electricity needed.

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